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In the mood for "feelstrange" movies? Here I will post links to excerpts from my experimental films:

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2016 - 2019: Work in multiple areas, mainly web development. Started two companies, one by myself and another a joint venture. Completed my three years in the Gulbagge-jury. The Controller-screenplay is getting in shape after some substantial rewrites. An outline for my northern-set screenplay is finding a form. Tinkering with some other ideas as well. Wrote an article on Netflix published HERE on the Medium platform.

2015 - Jan to December: Storyboarded a number of commercials for Preem, Helly Hansen, OLW and others. The Guldbagge movie-watching process continued throughout the year. Also busy with a pretty big web app coding-project. Continued writing, and thinking about doing a comic book version of one of my short-film screenplays. Tinkering several writing ideas, a new SF short story, a horror screenplay set in the northern part of Sweden in wintertime, as well as a family-oriented SF-saga I'm planning to test-read for my daughters, my harshest critics.

2014 - May to November: Storyboarded a series of commercials for Norwegian SpareBank1, featuring a gallery of hamster-characters, almost 100 images. Here is Dear Mom and Bokollektivet. More can be found on YouTube. Busy catching up on all the movies I need to see before the Guldbagge voting process in December.

2014 - January to April: Elected into the jury for the Guldbagge-gala(Swedish Oscars). Free pass to cinema. Occasional storyboarding, among other for the short film Cupcake, directed by Jane Magnusson.

2013 - June to December: Storyboarding, rewriting both Controller and MMAA. Building a Spotify app for The Swedish Society Of Composers, aimed at the desktop client.
2013-03-16: Second draft of MMAA DONE. Also, finished translating script to english.
2013-02-22: More commercial work: Two storyboards, one for Schweppes, the other for a telecom company.

2012-11-25: First draft of new screenplay DONE. Working title: Meet Me At Armageddon. Created this image for inspiration:

2012-08-18: Outlining and tinkering, allthrough summer. Starting to use the excellent IndexCard app. Best text-editor interface on the iPad I've come across thus far. Using the FOUNTAIN syntax when writing, and importing to FinalDraft.
2012-05-22: More storyboards. Beginning outlining new SCREENPLAY. A SF/thriller. 2012-03-15: Storyboarding. Considering beginning a draft of the new screenplay idea but procrastinating. Watching various movies for inspiration. Should try to set a dealine for myself.
2012-02-22: Storyboarding. Pitching Controller-screenplay and spec-writing an episode of a Swedish television comedy-series.
2012-01-16: Mad storyboarding storyboarding storyboarding storyboarding. Fun Bollywood-project: Indian Premiere League 2012. Directed by Anders Forsman. 96 images drawn in 3 furious days.
2011-12-03: A couple of weeks of mad storyboarding on three seperate projects.
2011-10-15: Storyboarding and tinkering with "Controller", as well as outlining a new screenplay idea. Genre: sci-fi with spy thriller elements.
2011-08-11: Finished a new sci-fi short story, "Meet Me At Armageddon".
2011-06-02: Finished new draft of the feature film screenplay. Working title "Controller". 2011-05-30: STORYBOARD PAGE updated! (Link in the right column).
2010-12-04: Shelter was a movie I worked on as a composers assistant, doing arrangements for a small string ensemble as well as writing some additional "horror" cues. A Hollywood production, starring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Swedish directors. The movie was recently shown at the Stockholm Film Festival. In line with the saying that "nobody wants to be first composer on a movie", none of our score ended up being used.
2010-11-09: Been trying to improve my drawing technique, especially shading, and I've added some portrait studies under the "mini gallery" at the left hand column.
2010-10-18: New screenplay draft is finished and will be subjected to incessant and punishing scrutiny before we start the next pitch round. Also, NEW STORYBOARD ART ADDED to my storyboard sister-page(click link on right column)
2010-09-17: Continuing new drafts of a screenplay. Also busy, in my mind, with a new feature film plot.
2010-06-05: What was inside the box? The seller claimed it was an instrument - Read my new short story, The Instrument.
2010-05-31: Continuing to write lately. A new short story is recently finished which I plan to publish on the web. Also, new drafts of a feature film script is progressing and have gotten good notes from an established production company. Have been storyboarding lately, mostly for Acne Productions and the talented directors at POPCORE, which has been great fun. I have put some samples on my storyboard sister page (link on right column). Inbetween these gigs i have tried to keep up some illustrating chops by drawing some silly and juvenile comic strips, inspired by my Twitter feed, featuring a moody character, Mr Morose, here are some samples: Mr Morose 1, Mr Morose 2, Mr Morose 3. I plan to put them all on a separate page in the future, if I gather enough material.
2010-02-18: OK now, click HERE to go to Spotify and listen to my full score from Guidance (Behandlingen) plus bonus tracks written specifically for the film.
Publishing my short story Imaginarium HERE!
And at last: Guidance (Behandlingen) premieres Friday December 4th, already garnering good reviews! Be sure to check it out!
Exclusive clip: excerpt from "History of the Devil" Now, for the first time on the www, I am publishing an excerpt from a proposed experimental opera adaption of Clive Barkers play "The History of the Devil". This is a small excerpt and was made as a trailer/preview. The project is looking for a home at the right music theatre or opera house.
I love Sci-Fi cityscapes and have added some artwork I have been toiling with HERE. Its work in progress, an attempt to develop and maintain some chops.
New movie added in the left column, excerpts from ("nullo") a pretty intense piece.
Watch the trailer and become a fan of the feature film ¨Guidance here! Its Swedish title is now: "Behandlingen" (roughly "The Treatment"). The release date is October 23.
In the left column I have added some excerpts from some of my experimental films I have made over the years. I will start in cronological order and continue to post a new one once in a while.
Collaborated with my super-talented friend Kerem of The Monotypes a while back, on two pitches for a Nokia commercial.
They were not picked up but can be listened to here: "Allright" and "Happy". Music and lyrics by Kerem, produced and arranged by me. These are short versions made only to fit the commercial. Re-distribution is allowed for non-commercial purposes only, and please do not alter the songs even if they should become better.
I am fairly new to the world of 3D but just now I have finished with rendering, editing and doing the sound design for Chasm, a short 40 second teaser/previs modelled with the Open Source 3D application Blender, of a planned science fiction-film.
Designed a logotype for the excellent Filmmusic-site FilmScoreClickTrack.
"Guidance" struck a distribution deal and will be released in the cinemas around Aug/Sept 2009.
Finished music for a web-commercial.
Attended the premiere of "Guidance" at Gothenburg Film Festival with an enthusiastic crowd in a over-filled salon.
Positive reviews have begun to appear on the web, here is one: Hynek Pallas Blog

Finished the score for writer/director Johan Jonasons feature film debut "Guidance".
The film will premiere at Gothenburg Film Festival on January 26, 2009. It will be released and premiered nationwide at a later date 2009.
Music for Boka Direkt commercial.
Arrangements and additional music for a Hollywood thriller.


A Composition Diploma graduate from The Royal University College of Music in Stockholm, I have written chamber- orchestral and electroacoustic music, as well as music for stage, film, commercials and television. I have also made some experimental films to accompany my pieces, or to be viewed separately.
I have worked with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Musica Vitae and the Royal University College Orchestra and conductors Eyvind Aadland, Jorma Panula and Viktor Åslund. Musicians who have performed my pieces include The Pearls Before Swine Experience, percussionist Mika Takehara and guitarist Mårten Falk
Won The Aird/Earplay Composition Competition, San Fransisco 2006 for the piece "Autumn Melody"

Other info

Like to listen to: I Am In Love, Lana Del Ray, Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Jay-Z, Mastodon, Meshuggah, Altar (Sunn O))) and Boris).
Some pieces by Harrison Birtwistle, like "Secret theatre" and "Earth Dances".
Klas Torstenssons "Stick on Stick" and parts of "The Expedition".
Poul Ruders Sun Trilogy, especially "Gong" and "Zenith"
Some other composers I recommend: Györgi Ligeti, Bent Sörensen, Louis Andriessen, Edgar Varese, Pär Lindgren, S-D Sandström....check out my friends on my MySpace-page, they are all very talented!


Storyboard Artist Fredrik Fahlman.


Some special skills I have developed over the years. I have edited several music videos and commercials in Final Cut, worked quite a bit with After Effects, allthough Im far from a pro, but I have composited digital backgrounds in handheld footage, done quite a lot of graphics and stuff. I have also done sound design and sound editing on several Decoy Film productions. I also draw and have done a lot of storyboards which got good reactions from friends and co-workers, which has led me to launch a sister web-page dedicated to this art: